All Dogs Go to Heaven

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Kirsten Staples SPCM 100 Final Paper All Dogs Go to Heaven Final Paper All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 children’s movie both directed and produced by Don Bluth. The film takes place in 1939 New Orleans and follows a German Sheppard named Charlie B. Barkin. Charlie works as a gambler and is murdered by his enemy, Carface. After his death, Charlie goes to Heaven where he learns that it’s where all dogs go after they die. Charlie desires to return to earth to seek revenge on his killer, but he is warned that failing will cost him his space in Heaven and damn him to Hell. He is given a watch by an angel that provides him with immortality so that he may carry through with his plan without any hindrance. However, once the clock stops ticking, his time is up, and he must descend into Hell. Once back on earth, he meets up with his best friend, Itchy, to begin planning his revenge on Carface. They get back in the gambling business where they discover an orphan girl, Anne-Marie, who can speak with animals. Anne-Marie is a huge help to the dogs because she can help them speak with the racing animals and give them an advantage when placing bets. She also teaches the dogs a lot about what it means to be a loyal and true friend capable of love. By the end of the film, Charlie loses his immortality watch in a battle with Carface and is killed saving Anne-Marie’s life. She is adopted by a loving family, and as a ghost, Charlie watches over her before he must go to Hell. However, an angel appears and informs him that for giving his life to safe the young girl, he will be awarded his rightful place in Heaven. He says his goodbyes to Anne-Marie and Itchy, whom she has kept as a pet and begins his ascent into Heaven. This text has a multitude of unspoken persuasive messages. Children’s films usually aim towards teaching their audience a valuable lesson about life. The point

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