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Lisec – AP Euro Historical Record of DBQs 2008B—French Revolutionary calendar 2008—German Peasants’ Revolt 2007B—Nobility in early modern France 2007—Early Modern childhood 2006B—Alsace-Lorraine in the 19th and 20th centuries 2006—Sports from 1860-1940 2005B—Science in early modern society 2005—European Union post-WWII 2004B— Pilgrimage of Grace 2004—Attitudes toward the poor, 1450-1700 2003B—Marshall Petain and Vichy France 2003—Germany during WWI 2002B—Italian fascism and birthrate 2002—Manchester and Industrial Revolution 2001—Greek independence and nationalism 2000—festivals in early modern Europe 1999—Russia peasants after emancipation 1998—Germany unity before 1848 1997—women in science 1996—Dutch republic rise and fall 1995—responses to the Black Death 1994—Irish v. English conflict, 1800-1914 1993—Renaissance education 1992—Pan slavism 1991—Slavery during Enl. & Fr. Rev. 1990—Spanish Civil War 1989—Women's status/suffrage in late 19th/early 20th centuries. 1988—Gin Act in G.B., 18th century social history. 1987—Literacy in Old Regime France 1986—Sudan Crisis (1884-85) 1985—Juvenile crime and treatment in G.B 1984—German aircraft industry 1983—Flemings and Walloons 1982—Child-rearing in GB--16-18th c. 1981—Class attitudes toward industry 1980—witchcraft scare 1979—Reign of Terror 1978—Education of women, 15th-18th centuries. 1977—Nazi Germany and S.A. 1976—Population trends in Germany/France Key Interpretive Questions Unit 2--The Renaissance 1. Discuss the social and economic conditions that gave rise to the Renaissance in Italy? 2. Define humanism and explain how it was applied in philosophy, education, art,

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