All but her life… my story of Gerda Weissmann Klein Essay

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I just read this great book I would suggest to any one. All But My Life written by Gerda Weissmann Klein. The story begins on September 3, 1939, when she is fifteen. On this day the beginning of horror that lasted six years. She was living in Bielitz, Poland, where she was born, and she reacts with terror as she watches her neighbors meet the invading Nazis with happiness. They were trying to hide the fact of war from Gerda’s father because he was sick and they didn’t want to worry him. When their town was invaded they couldn’t keep it a secret from him any more. Bad things started happening to the Jews, and the Nazis were taking Jewish men. In October, Gerda’s brother Arthur, was forced to leave with a Nazi and all of the other young men in town. Gerda never sees him again, but she got letters from him throughout alot of the war. The situation becomes more and more severe for the Jews, as the Aryan neighbors take advantage of the situation by buying their possessions for a fraction of their price and taking over the factories they used to own. The Weissmanns were forced to live in their basement, and after that they are told they will soon be forced to move into a Jewish ghetto. Gerda travels with her childhood friend Ilse to visit a camp for young Jewish men and met Abek Feigenblatt, who fell in love with her. Gerda thinks Abek is just a friend. Gerda starts to realize how horrifying the situation has gotten when she receives a letter from her friend Erika, telling her how her mother, baby brother, and boyfriend were forced to lie naked on the cobblestones of their town and were then trampled to death by Nazis on horseback. In 1942, the family is forced into a Jewish ghetto and ordered to work for the German war effort. It is not long before all the Jews are told they will be moved out of town so Bielitz can be free of Jews. Gerda is separated from her parents

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