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Introduction The decision of returning to school came about, when I starting needing more in life than what I had. I didn’t only need more for myself I also needed more for my wife, and kids. Before, I started school I was a cook. I was cook for many types of restaurants. The bosses had always complimented me on my cooking and well I ran a restaurant for them. It all started when they had me train a manager for them. Everyone always loved my cooking and wanted me to cook for them on the side. I didn’t think it was right so I quit. As I lay around the house taking care of kids while my wife worked, I always wanted to know what I was going to do with my life. Our financial predicament starting getting worse and I felt like my kid’s was looking down on me. So I have decided to come back to school as a student. I thought it would be great to find an online class. This way I can take care of kid’s and do school work while there in school. I have always wanted to own my own restaurant while I was growing up. So now I am pursuing a degree to be a restaurant owner. Now, that I am currently in school trying to get a degree in Business Administration. I am now trying to get it together for my family and me. They have been so supported about me returning to school and see me doing what I want while being happy at the same time. I want to show my kids that there is more to life than working for other people. My kid’s thoughts about me are important. I want show them that I can be better and show them we can have our own family business. This way I can be set when they go to college. I also think my financial stability will be better for us. My kids will have whatever they want and my wife won’t be so bored just being around the house some time .I will also be making my own money. I will be able to put money to side plus pay my bills while I have my own restaurant.

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