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All About Light Essay

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The Refraction of Light

To observe the refraction of light when it passes from air to an optically   The ray of refraction will be measured with a protractor and polar graphing paper for the angle of refraction.

Apparatus Sketch:

ϴ° Table:
The data collected from the polar graph made that measured
ϴi | ϴr |
0° | 0° |
60° | 41° |
70° | 45° |

ϴ° Graph:

Sin (ϴ°) Graph:

Sample Calculations:
Sin ϴi° and Sin ϴr° Calculations:
ϴi | ϴr |
0° | 0° |
50° | 35° |
60° | 41° |
70° | 45° |

Using the table above, the angles of the incident ray will be substituted in toray of light.
The equation will be: Sin (ϴi°) to find the length of the incident ray.
Ex. Sin (0°) = 0
= 0.17
Sin (30°) = 0.34
Also using the above, the angles of the refracted ray of light will be refracted ray of light.
The equation will be: Sin (ϴr°) to find the length of the refracted ray
Ex. Sin (0°) = 0

Sin (15°) = 0.26

Table of Results:
Sin Data Table:
Sin (ϴ°)

Sin ϴi | Sin ϴr |
0° | 0° |
0.17° | 0.13° |
0.34° | 0.26° |
0.64° | 0.48° |
0.77° | 0.57° |
0.87° | 0.66° |
0.94° | 0.71° |


  1. The angle of incidence stays along the normal, the direction of the light does not change because as close to 0 degrees, most of the light energy is transmitted across very little of it is reflected or refracted, therefore the angle remains the same. interface with an angle of incidence of 0°, then no bending will occur.

  2. When the angle of incidence is greater than 0° and the light is travelling through air to the bend towards the normal. from air into water (n =1.33), therefore the light will bend towards the normal and so the refracted ray is closer to the normal than the incident ray.

  3. The incident ray is the ray that enters the dish with water in it. The normal is at 90 degrees to the straray is the ray once it is inside the plastic semicircle with the water; this ray will...

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