All About Eve Scene Analysis

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The theatre based discussion that is conducted on the steps of Margo Channing’s home, is a scene from within Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s film “All about eve” that displays the lights and shadows of characters through the director use of varied persuasive filming techniques It is one of the more commonly techniques used, but the directors use of a variety of camera angles allows the audience to grasp the setting of the scene and let themselves feel apart of the motion of the story by tracking the movement of the characters. It is effectively done that the camera angles have a shift from displaying a long shot of the characters sitting on the staircase (a long shot) to what is known as a medium shot, where it isolates 3 characters. The purpose in the flow of the shots is the long shot allows the audience to establish the scene in their own mind, allowing them to see who is in the scene and their purpose for being there. Where as when the camera becomes focussed on Karen, Richards and Addison a more defined perception on the characters facial expressions and movement can be seen. Secondly, what is known as a tracking shot follows the movement of Margo Channing as she walks up the stairs into her room. The tracking only shows the steps of Margo until she becomes out of shot, but is an effective filming technique used to invite a viewer to feel connected with the character and feel a sense that they are apart of the action of the scene. Yet another angle that is effectively used on Eve Harrington is a close up, which is of her shoulder and above. The reasoning for this angle is the director wants the audience to pay close attention to either an action or word, in this case it is the monologue of Eve in how she expresses her thoughts and feelings of what it is like to experience an applaud behind stage. This sees enlightenment into the desires of Eve Harrington. If focussed
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