All About Carol Gillian

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Carol Gilligan was born November 28 in New York, New York in 1936. She was a feminist, psychologist and ethicist. She played piano and during her graduate years she did modern dancing. Gilligan received her B.A. degree in English Literature from Swarthmore College in PA. She also earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Radcliffe College and a PhD in social psychology from Harvard. Gilligan psychological perspective was mostly cognitive also feministic. In her 1982 book called “In a different voice” she talks about the way we think about gender, human development and moral behavior through a women and girl perspective. Her book was later on translated into many languages and printed hundreds of copies. Later on in her years Gilligan studied young boys and their parental figures, that followed her deeper into relationships between both men and women. Gilligan co- authored a book with David Richards called “In Darkness Visible: Loss, Patriarchy and Democracy’s Future”. In this book both Richards and Gilligan discussed the issues in imitate relationships. Some major contributions Carol Gilligan made to her field was lecturing at the University of Chicago, winning awards and having herself in Time Magazine as one of the most influential Americans, also teaching at both Harvard and Cambridge College before transferring over to NYU to become a full time professor in 2002. Gilligan wrote her first novel in 2008 called “Kyra”. This story had to do about a love story and the tension of high emotions. Her contributions were very significant to her field of cognitive perspectives of females and males. During Gillian time she was not taken into much consideration because in her time women weren’t considered equal to men and most of the colleges at that time was men only. But during the late 1950’s early 1960’s Gillian was able to get into well-known Ivy
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