Alka Seltzer Experiment

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November 12th, 2008 Purpose: To change independent variables and have the reaction occur in a goal time of 45 seconds. Hypothesis: I think that I can change the rate of reaction to occur either slower or faster by changing the temperature of the water, the concentration of the water. Also, by changing the amount of the tablet, and the surface area of it (crushed, not crushed). Most likely with less water, and more tablet, the quicker the reaction will go, and vise versa. I expect that if the tablet is crushed, the reaction will occur quicker compared to a tablet that is not crushed. Materials: In order to do this experiment you must have: - safety goggles - 2 Alka- Seltzer tablets - plastic film canister - graduated cylinder (at least measures 100 mL) - water/ice water - watch/timer - thermometer Procedure: Follow these directions to assure a safe a successful experiment: - Put your safety goggles on - Lay out all materials on a lab clean and clear table - Fill the graduated cylinder with water with your choice of measurement - Take temperature of the water - Pour the water…show more content…
The size and surface area (crushed, not crushed) seemed to have a major affect on the results. If too much of the Alka-Seltzer tablet was put in, then the reaction would occur slower. Also, if the tablet were crushed it would blast in less then 45 seconds. Depending how much water (concentration) was used would also speed or slow down the reaction. If too much water was used and too much tablet, then it would occur almost double then 45 seconds. (e.g.: ¾ of tablet and 10mL of water would react in 2 minutes). If there was little water (5mL) and about ¼ of the tablet then the reaction occurred just shy of 45 seconds. The temperature of the water had a huge affect on the reaction. By using the ice water (5 degrees) the reaction occurred took several minutes to occur with a reasonable amount of tablet and

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