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As of September 2007, there were 27506 soldiers injured because of the Iraqi war. In the documentary Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, we view ten of the injured veteran Iraqi soldiers that have suffered beyond measures. Each one of these veterans sit with interviewer James Gandolfini, who also directs this documentary. They are in the process/ have overcome the many hurdles that have been put in front of them. They are alive today, sharing their “alive day” memories with us. “Alive day” is the day that the soldiers survived their injury in Iraq. These “alive day” stories give the viewer a different theory about life; we should be more grateful that we have people that are selfless enough to risk their lives to defend our country and to keep us safe. Private Dexter Pitts of the US Army celebrates his “alive day” on January 2nd of each year. On that date in 2005, he received a broken arm in three places, shattered elbow, metal fragments lodged into his bad and injury to his head. He stated in the video that he also suffers from Post- Traumatic Stress Syndrome. During the interview, he describes himself as being a teddy bear: a kind and loving person. He tells the interviewer, he had to do “things” to protect himself that people would never believe he was capable of. A 22 year old man should not have to worry about becoming a crazy homeless man. However, Pitts lives each day wondering if he will become the next man on the corner that doesn’t have a full grasp on reality. Since he has been out of the Army, “everything seems like a dark place” to him. He tells the interviewer that he doesn’t feel “welcome” in the civilian world. Unlike his other injuries, there are no physical scars to show for his PTSD. Many people that surround him in his life do not believe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real illness and side effect of the war; but the pills he takes to

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