Alienation Of Islam In America

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Alienation of Islam in America Shayaq Masood Mrs. Gallman AP English AP 11 11 April 2011 What usually runs in people’s mind when they hear the word “Islam” or “Muslim?” . Many mistakenly associate Islam as the religion of the devil; as well as relating all Muslims to be terrorists. Americans tend to relate the terms as to what they hear in the media and political gossip. There are many reasons as to why these social misconceptions towards Islam and Muslims occur, however; it all begins with ignorance about Islam. Ignorance about Islam includes assuming mistakenly about: what the basic principles of Islam are? What does the religion stand for? Who are the followers of Islam and what do they believe in? Ignorance to these answers, similar to the previous questions, ultimately leads to false assumptions towards Muslims. By not understanding how a Muslims leads their life in accordance to their religion, allows people to think mistakenly about them especially as to what they hear around them towards Muslims. These false assumptions lead to false accusations encouraging people to believe the worst of Muslims. A simple way to navigate around these improper persuasions is to educate people as well as to bring about awareness for Islam. Informing the public the truth about Islam can eliminate racism, allowing people to judge for themselves what they truly believe is right or wrong. There are many sources as to why Americans believe what they hear about Islam. Mainly, the media would be to blame as they are a source of news that people have come to appreciate for many years. Along with the media, however; political leaders and famous figures can also be responsible for influencing America incorrectly about Islam. The media and political leaders seem to help the situation on the spread of fallacious concepts in
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