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Alien Project 109 Essay

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Biololgy 109
Alien Project

Meet Lorboglo
There are many extra terrestrials that roam our universe. I am gong to introduce you to the newest alien discovery and I have named him Lorboglo. He was discovered not too long ago on the planet Mars. To give you a little history on the planet and what the environment of the planet is like. Mars has a very thin atmosphere made up of mostly carbon dioxide. The surface pressure is only about 0.70% of he average surface pressure on Earth. Also, the atmosphere changed seasonally because the temperature is cold enough   that some of the carbon dioxide freezes during the winter . During the summer when the polar cap warms up, the carbon dioxide goes back into the atmosphere. Temperatures range from -113C to 0C. Mars   also has a lower force of gravity then earth so an object that woud weight 60 kilos here, would only weigh 20 kilos there.
Lorboglo has a lot of the same organ systems and organs as humans do.   He has a skeletal system that has two main organs; the vertebrae column and the skull. This   system provides support and protections and allows for body movement. His digestive system works exactly like humans as well and has two main organs; the stomach and the esophagus. This system performs the mechanical and chemical processes of digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. Another organ system is the nervous system and its two major organs are the spinal cord and the brain. This system is a major regulatory system that detects sensations and controls movements and intellectual functions. The urinary system is has two main supporting organs, the bladder and the kidneys. This system removes waste products from the blood and the regulates the bodies balance. Last but not least, is the muscular system. Its two major organs are the temporal and the pectorals major. This system produces body movement and produces body heat.
Even though he has five major organ systems that are the same as humans, he...

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