Alien Invasion Essay

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The introduction of a foreign species can lead to devastating effects. From the smaller organisms to larger mammals, these foreign beings can crash an ecosystem. Many governments have decided to try this, however, and have ended up with the opposite effect of what they had intended. If a government realizes they wish to introduce a new species, a vast amount of research must be done before this action can be carried out. The research should include: if this species will benefit the people living in the area, what negative effects it will have on those people, and what it will do to the surrounding ecosystem. Both an ecosystem and a human community could benefit from an introduction of a new species. The National Research Council Report proposes that quinoa, a durable grain high in protein, should be introduced to some South American and Southeast Asian countries. Because of its incredible nutritional value, quinoa could improve the diets of thousands of people. Even though introducing a species could have spectacular effects, those who decide to do this must also weigh the consequences. Unknown diseases can be carried unseen by an alien species. In 2003 there was a worldwide epidemic of SARS, a viral respiratory illness. 8098 people were infected and 774 were killed. When the cause of this incident was brought to light, it was decided that the import of civets, small catlike animals, would be banned. They and their traders had high exposure to the virus and were causing it to spread (Dybas 54.7). This is just one example of why a government should take caution and calculate their decision before introducing a foreign species. Humanity has learned throughout history what happens when a foreign being sets foot on new soil. Thousands of Native Americans died from the smallpox when the Europeans arrived in the America’s. Because the disease had never been seen
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