Alice Waters Essay

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Alice Waters is a very extraordinary woman, she believes in good quality ingredients and said that you need to heighten all the senses especially at the dinner table. Waters didn’t always believe in these standards, not till she made her trip to France in 1965. But her adventure started way before this. Waters was born April 28, 1944 in Chatham Borough, New Jersey. She began her schooling at UC Santa Barbara then transferring to University of California, Berkeley. During Waters time at Berkeley she joined a movement called Free Speech Movement, in response to a campus-wide ban on political involvement and activism. The student leader Mario Savio had a tremendous influence on Waters. During this time, Waters worked on the congressional campaign of Robert Scheer an anti-Vietnam War politician. She often cooked for and entertained her fellow campaigners, and for the first time was building her reputation as a cook in addition to an activist. Waters eventually moved to France where she began introduced going straight to the farms to get her fresh food. She noticed how the other chef’s around her were depriving themselves of fresh food. “It’s not enough to liberate yourself politically, to liberate yourself sexually - you have to liberate all the senses.” Waters believes that eating together was a socially progressive act, one that was under threat from the fifties American – TV, frozen-food culture. In 1971 Waters and a friend, Lindsey Shere, opened a restaurant in Berkeley. Inspired by what she learned in France. They named the restaurant Chez Panisse, and the produce they were using was decades ahead of the upcoming “foodie movement,” Where the American public would experience the availability of local, eco friendly sustainable foods. All of the restaurant’s ingredients are purchased from local producers and suppliers. The result of that is a seasonal menu of

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