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Alice Walker The author, Alice Walker, who is born into a southern, poor, storytelling family from Georgia, decides one day to increase her audience telling stories about the struggles of Black women throughout history. She “made herself” through her efforts, perseverance and dedication, only to become one of the best and most recognized civil rights writers of the twentieth century. Her profound works, from her early poems, novels, short stories, and other writings, have the common call for human freedom. Alice Walker, a prolific and Pulitzer-prize-winner, writes about women’s rights, sex, race, and the political movements of the 60s. Alice Walker is born in Eaton, Georgia, in 1944 to a very poor and hardworking family of sharecroppers. She is the youngest of eight siblings. Lee and Minnie, her parents, have been storytellers who, from an early age, instill the love for reading in their youngest daughter. Her mother, as she explains in some of her interviews, is her role model and inspiration, who gives her, throughout her morality and spirituality, the strength to become the magnificent writer that she develops into today. At the age of eight, one of her brothers shots her in the right eye, which she ends up losing because she goes to the doctor days later; consequently, this event makes her shy and lonely, causing her focus internally expressing herself through the writing of poetry. As Davis describes “She becomes more observant of people in their interactions and learned patience in caring about what happened to others. In her solitude, she discovers the pleasure of reading stories” (3). As an excellent student, academically, she receives scholarships to pursue her education, which opens the door to the outside world. She first obtains a scholarship from Spellman College, in Atlanta, in 1963, where she participates in civil rights

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