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1. Name of Author: Alice Walker 2. Author's Date of Birth: February 9th, 1944 3. Author's Date of Death ( if still alive, then not applicable) Still Alive and Well!!! 4. What genre of literature did this author typically write: ( poetry, fiction, non-fiction, political letters) Mostly poetry and novels. 5. Name the most noted literary work this author is known for: The Color Purple 6. When was this work published? 1982 7. Tell why was this particular work so important or signicant for this author? The novel that Alice Walker wrote, The Color Purple was significant because it won the Pulitzer Prize, The National Book Award and the American Book Award. This book was highly criticized due to it’s representation of Africa and the depiction of lesbianism. 8. Name at least two (2) other literary works by this author: 1. Once: Poems (1968) 2. The Third Life of Grange Copeland (1970) Write a brief a biographical sketch of your author: ( at least 250-500 words in paragraph format) ( do not cut and paste from a source... this should be in your own words) Alice Walker was born in rural Georgia in 1944 and was the youngest of eight children. I chose to write about Alice Walker because she is such an inspiration and her writings catch my eye. At the very young age of eight, she lost her right eye due to an accidental shooting by her brother. She became blind in this eye and immediately felt like an outcast. She was stared at and taunted because of her eye and because of that she started writing. Her writings made her feel confident in herself and she ended up becoming valedictorian of her class and was voted the most popular girl. All of this happened while her family was struggling to make ends meet and her stepfather was molesting her. After Alice graduated high school she went to Spelman College in Atlanta on

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