Alice Paul Vs Snookie

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Alice Paul vs. Snookie What would happen if Snookie and Alice Paul were to meet each other? Snookie is a drunken idiot almost all of the time on the reality show Jersey Shore. Alice Paul is a women’s activist and fought for the rights of women and achieved their right to vote. Now to compare these two women would like comparing night to day or the ground to the sky. What would Alice Paul and Snookie even talk about, would they become enemies or best of friends? Snookie in my opinion is weak minded and I think that Alice Paul who was an intelligent human being would probably convince Snookie to fight for women’s rights. Snookie is perceived as a drunken woman who has no respect for her body in more than one way would really discourage Alice Paul. Alice Paul would see that all of that pain and suffering she went through it all for nothing. Women still do not respect themselves especially since Snookie is so popular among viewers of television and other women want to be like Snookie. Television would really dishearten Alice Paul seeing what she went through like that show 16 & pregnant. But all would not be lost because there are still other women that hold themselves with a sense of integrity. Like for example Hillary Bush who almost became the president of the United States of America. I think that if Alice Paul really did meet Snookie I think that she would help Snookie develop a sense in personal integrity. She would probably tell Snookie to cover herself a little bit more that she already does. Alice Paul would try to teach Snookie proper etiquette and how to handle herself better when she is in the public eye instead of making her gender look stupid. Although she might be putting up a show for the rest of the world it still makes women look like an inferior being, even when being compared to the rest of the cast. Snookie seems to embarrass herself the
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