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This assignment was designed to interview a person near my age and discuss their personality, similar characteristics, attitude and goals. I selected a colleague name Alice Newton. I have only known Ms. Newton for a short period of time and I consider her to be a very smart, aspiring and an extremely intelligent woman. In my opinion I believe our views on life are comparable. Once I interview Ms. Newton the questions based on the outline given and the questions that were asked in class, I will determine if my views are correct. My name is Kytemique Freeman. I am a forty year old divorce mother with four sons. I am the younger of two children. I am an Episcopalian, African American, middle class student. I am currently an grandchild. Ms. Newton is a fifty plus upper middle class, African American, Christian woman. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry and Psychology, a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Masters of Arts Degree in Administration and Supervision. She is an educator and is currently a Pupil Personnel Worker for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Ms. Newton and I are colleagues. I chose to interview Ms. Newton because of her outstanding work ethics, intelligences, personality, ability to get along with others, helpfulness and respect for…show more content…
Ms. Newton’s style of learning preference was Read/Write. I was not surprised at all by my results because an aural learns information quickly when presented in an auditory way. I enjoy listening to people speak versus a piece of paper. I like the visual. In most cases once I get the visual the paper makes more sense and easier to understand. Ms. Newton agreed with her results as well. People with the Read/Write learning preference in most cases are good writers and learn best through words. Ms. Newton mentioned that she loves using her dictionary or the

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