Alice in Wonderland Summary

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Alice In Wonderland Summary The story Alice In Wonderland is a story different than any other. It's supposedly a children's book, that has a meaning to cherish your childhood and never lose it. As I was reading into this book, I felt that this book had numerous amounts of references towards drugs, depression, suicide and other various events that children shouldn't be subjected too. I do feel that this book is very interesting, but to be put on a Childs's bookshelf is unethical. Starting off the story, Alice is sitting with her sister on a bench when she sees a White Rabbit with a pocket watch. Interested what it's doing she follows the rabbit down the hole. She falls for a long time, and lands in a long hallway full of doors. There is also a key on a table, which unlocks a tiny door. Through this door, she spots a beautiful garden. Eager to get in the garden, she tries to fit but she's too big. After a while of frustration and crying, she finds a drink with a note that asks her to drink it. There is later a cake with a note that tells her to eat; Alice uses both, but she cannot seem to get a handle on things, and is always either too large to get through the door or too small to reach the key. While she is tiny, she slips and falls into a pool of water. She realizes that this little sea is made of tears she cried while a giant. She swims to shore with a number of animals, Somehow she starts talking about her cats ability to catch birds and mice, and offends everyone. Left alone, she goes on through the wood and runs into the White Rabbit. The Rabbit mistakes her for his maid and sends her to fetch some things from his house. While in the White Rabbit's home, she drinks another potion and becomes too huge to get out through the door. She eventually finds a little cake that makes her small again. In the woods again, Alice finds a Caterpillar sitting on a
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