Alice in Wonderland

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Children's literature is literature about children. There are different age groups and reading levels that they are categorized in and the subject matter belongs to children and the things they like. You can categorize as children's literature any text written for a target reader below the age of 14 or selected by kids to read for themselves. The characteristics of children’s literature which makes it different from adult literature is the voice, the language, the level of vocabulary, pictures, fewer amount of page numbers, larger font size and like I said previously, the subject matter. These are things which are made especially for children. Lewiss Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland created a World of fantasy out of essential real creatures. Alice is the protagonist of this fantastic novel. She is a seven-year-old English girl with lots of imagination and is fond of showing off her knowledge. She is a young girl from Victorian era Britain. Alice is curious, intelligent, trusting, and ready to accept the impossible. She has an amazing dream about changing size and meeting various strange creatures underground in Wonderland. Alice's older sister, who reads a book without illustrations or dialogue while sitting on the bank with Alice at the beginning of the book. Alice falls asleep with her head in her sister's lap and has the dream about Wonderland. When Alice awakes, she tells her sister about her dream, and the book closes with her sister daydreaming about what Alice will be like as a grown-up. The White Rabbit appears several times. The white rabbit is the second most significant character in the story and is leads Alice to Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts only appears towards the end of the book, but her character makes a big impact and is important in carrying the story to its climax. The Queen of Hearts rules over Wonderland. She is authoritative and
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