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1.Why did the girls want to have the party? The party was to get to know the kids from their new school. 2.Who was very hesitant about having the party? Alice’s sister Polly, she said she didn’t people in the house giving her a headache, but agrees for Alice. 3.Who gets killed at the party? Alice’s body is found with a gun in her mouth with her hands wrapped around it, she has a gunshot wound to the head caused by the gun in her hand. The police ruled her death as a suicide due to the fact that there were no signs of foul play and only her fingerprints were found on the gun. 4.Who questions the detective on his desicions to rule it a suicide? Michael he one of Alice’s friends questions it because he knew her well enough to now she wasn’t depressed. 5.Who is Clark? He was Polly’s “ex-boyfriend” but then became intrested in Alice and began helping…show more content…
11. What does the autopsy reveal? When Michael reads the report he sees that the corner noted that their was an injury cause before her death to her nose which is was killed her , her death was not caused by the gun shot wound 12.In what Room was Alice killed? She was killed in her parents room which was particall empty because of theri death. 13.What psycological treatment did Polly recieve after her parents death? After their death she was given extensive shock therapy. 14.What does Michaele discover when he examines the shingels outside the window where alice was killed? He finds that one of the shingels was turned over with bullet fragments , which means a gun shot came from outside. 15.Why does Polly go on the cruise with the senior class? She tells her friends she wants to get out of the house , but in reality she was going on the boat with Clark. 16. What does Michaele do when on the boat? He gets all the people who where their at the time of Alices death gathered together in a room. 17.What Does Michaele reveal

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