Algorithm of Best Fit Essay

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Abstract: This paper presentation here presents a cognitive study of FIRST FIT algorithm within the context of memory management. It was discovered that ‘first fit algorithm’ is one of the memory management techniques used by the Operating System to wisely allocate the scare but valuable system resource(memory) to processes awaiting execution. Introduction In addition to the responsibility of managing processes, the operating system must efficiently manage the primary memory of the computer. The part of the operating system which handles this responsibility is called the memory manager. Since every process must have some amount of primary memory in order to execute, the performance of the memory manager is crucial to the performance of the entire system. Nutt [1997] explains: "The memory manager is responsible for allocating primary memory to processes and for assisting the programmer in loading and storing the contents of the primary memory. Managing the sharing of primary memory and minimizing memory access time are the basic goals of the memory manager." The real challenge of efficiently managing memory is seen in the case of a system which has multiple processes running at the same time. Since primary memory can be space-multiplexed, the memory manager can allocate a portion of primary memory to each process for its own use. However, the memory manager must keep track of which processes are running in which memory locations, and it must also determine how to allocate and deallocate available memory when new processes are created and when old processes complete execution. While various different strategies are used to allocate space to processes competing for memory, three of the most popular are Best fit, Worst fit, and First fit. Each of these strategies are described below [Nutt 1997]: The basic idea with first fit

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