Algebra Ii Online Quiz Module 1

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1. Two Martians, Splott and Fizzle, have solved the equation 2x + 4 = –3x + 14. Examine the work of Splott and Fizzle. Identify any errors in the Martians’ calculations and explain, using complete sentences, what corrections they should make. Answer: Splott messed up on his fourth line because he added 4 to each side of the equation, instead of subtracting 4. Also, Fizzle made a mistake on his fifth line by adding 5, as opposed adding to 5x to each side. 2. Create your own function to teach the Martians about functions. Your function must contain at least two different operations. Answer: I created the appropriate function: f(x)=5x+10. 3. Using complete sentences, prove to Splott and Fizzle that your function is a legitimate function. Answer: The function has one appropriate x value for each each y value, you can test this legitimacy by performing the straight line test on a graphed version of the function. 4. Using your function, explain to the Martians how to solve for f(3). Show your work and explain each step using complete sentences. Answer: First, replace the shown x in the equation with 3. This gives us f(x)=5(3)+10. Simplify by multiplying 5 and 3, which gives you 15. Now we are left with f(x)=15+10. Simplify the remaining numbers to be left with f(3)=25. 5. Using complete sentences, describe to the Martians how to find the inverse of your function. Answer: To find the inverse of the function, first, replace the “f(x)” with a Y. Next, switch the X and Y in the equation. This will leave you with x=5y+10. From this point on, solve for y, even if the y value had an x variable inside of it. We can solve for y by first subtracting 10 on each side of the equation, giving us x-10=5y. Then dividing each side by 5. This will show you that the value of

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