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Alfred Rosiles Ms. Hooper English 1311-3 10 April 2012 Inside “Christopher, The Fishermen” In the short story of “Christopher, the Fishermen” written by Hermann Schubnell and later on translated in english by his son Matthias Schubnell. Is about the self-titled character Christopher dealing with change, which is the theme of this story. In this short story there are many literary elements, but the three best used to describe this story is imagery, symbolism and conflict. The story is about a fisherman who has lives in the most beautiful and lively scenery by the river. The river means everything to him! As the seasons go by, and the population grows, more and more people start building homes and factories around the river, causing the river he once loved into pollution. He fights to save the river and everything around it, but he realizes that there is nothing in his power that he can do anymore and has to deal with the changes that has happen. The first literary element used to describe the story of “ Christopher, The Fishermen” is imagery. Imagery is the used of words and descriptions the author uses to cause the reader to form pictures. When the reader is reading the story he starts to visualize the words that is used to describe the story. In this story the author Christopher first describes the changes of the season using words to make the reader realize that it is either summer, autumn, winter or spring. For example “ the silvery river flows from the mountain valleys into the wide open plain and quenches its thirst. The sun hangs heavily above the vineyards and urges the grapes to sweet ripeness, under the warm rain showers the forests grow up the mountain side and drape the summits with their shadowy blue garments”(Schubnell, pg.603) this gives the reader a full visual image that its spring. Symbolism is the next literary element we see in the

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