Alexis De Tocqueville: Democracy In America

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Question 1: “It is difficult to draw a man out of his own circle to interest him in the destiny of the State, because he does not clearly understand what influence the destiny of the State can have upon his own lot”. (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America). What connections can be drawn between Tocqueville’s statement here and Transcendentalism? Various connections can be drawn when we analyze this statement with some transcendentalists texts like Self reliance by Richard Emerson, Civil disobedience written by Henri Thoreau and Women in the nineteen century by Margaret Fuller. These connections are due to the fact that Alexis de Tocqueville, along with the transcendentalists authors advocates the same essentials qualities which…show more content…
According to Tocqueville, a lot can be done to the nation, if those individuals listen to their conscience and stop living in their own circle like a hermit. Society will not change unless those people make a move and change their way of thinking. Margaret Fuller said "when inward and outward freedom for woman as much as for man shall be acknowledged as a right, not yielded as a concession." This means that equality between men and women should be considered as something normal and moral. And here again, we see that if people listen to their conscience, and not to what society want them to believe is good, there will be some beneficial changes. In Civil disobedience, the author proved again that morality, as well as conscience plays an important role. Thoreau argued “It has been truly said, that a corporation has no conscience; but a corporation of conscientious men is a corporation with a conscience." By this, he too wanted to show that individual can take actions at any time without been influenced because of their own conscience of what is good or bad. By voicing out his conscience, individual will proved his uniqueness. This uniqueness may be use to challenge problems in society and this individual may gain a lot from
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