Alexander The Great's Influence On Asia Minor

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Alexander By EDMOND DANTES '02 How much effect did Alexander the Great have on Asia Minor, or the Middle East? Alexander’s influence on the land and people was great indeed. His empire stretched from Macedonia through Greece and the Mighty Persian Empire, through Egypt and all the way to India. Some people argue that Alexander still exists today, that he is in Iran, in Egypt, in Greece, and even in the wild tribes of India’s western mountains. In fact, Alexander is still present in the folktales of Iran. In Egypt, he left behind the story of a man made a god. In fact, Alexander’s name continues in many cities throughout that part of the world once called Asia Minor. His legend is still told in Muslim schools as the Great Iranian…show more content…
In fact, he conquered an area larger than any other single ruler before or since. He destroyed the harsh Persian rule, and united for the first time, and perhaps the last, all the nations from Egypt through Saudi Arabia to India. Alexander was a man of many legends, who was worshipped as a god and proclaimed as a pharaoh, who could not be stopped by any man, but who unfortunately died of a fever from a common mosquito bite. An archaeologist from Pakistan has described the importance of Alexander’s influence on India; his statements are also true of Alexander’s impact on the whole Middle East: Out of this great exchange between east and west, Greek knowledge, science, poetry, art and philosophy entered the ancient culture of the Indian subcontinent. There was destruction and loss of life, to be sure, but great things occurred which advanced the history of humanity. This is the nature of history. In this sense this is the legacy of Westerners and Europeans but also of Muslims and Indians. Alexander belongs not only to Greece but to the Islamic world, and to Pakistan and India. For this it is one of the greatest events in the history of the world7 (Wood
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