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The man who has represented great leadership qualities was Alexander of Macedonia, referred to as Alexander the Great. Alexander gets control of the Macedonian empire and guide his men to victory by controlling the Persian Empire. Not only did his conquest of being winning increased his overall image as a great military leader, but the characteristics he developed throughout his lifetime played a significant role of his success. Alexander’s success arose during his childhood and carried over into his reign as king of Macedonia. Alexander was born on July 20 356 BCE in Pella, to his parents Philip II, king of Macedonia, and his wife, Olympias. Alexander grew up in royalty, which gave him interest in becoming king and ruling his own empire.…show more content…
One example that happened during Alexander’s conquest was when he prepares for the Battle of Gaugamela. Arrian emphasizes Alexander’s confidence when Alexander states, “I will not,” he said, “demean myself by stealing victory like a thief. Alexander must defeat his enemies openly and honestly.” This symbolizes Alexander’s confidence in his himself and his men, because he wants them to earn their victory rather than have it given to them. Another example where Alexander’s confidence led to his success occurred in the Battle of Granicus. According to Arrian, one of Alexander’s generals, Parmenio, advised Alexander to wait until daytime to cross the river and attack the Persians then. However, Alexander refused by…show more content…
Alexander’s respect is emphasized after he and his army fought the Battle of Issus when Arrian writes, “Alexander had been hurt by a sword-thrust in the thigh, but this did not prevent him from visiting the wounded on the day after the battle . . . he spoke praise of every man . . . he knew had distinguished himself in the fighting . . .” This illustrates Alexander’s appreciation toward his men and how he treated them with respect rather than with cruelty. This also symbolizes that Alexander was unselfish by showing respect to his men, even though he was injured himself. Hammond stress Alexander’s positive attitude towards his men when he writes, “He loved his soldiers and they loved him; he and his veterans wept when they parted company . . .” Another reason Alexander’s respect for his army indicated his good leadership skills is due to the fact that he would always fight in battle with his men and would never let them fight alone. He led by example during battles, which portrays the loyalty he inspired within his men. This characteristic was unlike any other leader because most leaders would not be willing to put their own lives at risk, in order to win a battle. Overall, Alexander’s respect played a significant role in his conquest and exemplifies a unique aspect of his leadership

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