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Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Diffusion Alexander the Great lived his life as only a man writing his own legend could. During his short life, he single-handedly conquered the entire known world, and more, ensured that his legacy would continue by springing up metropolises everywhere he dared tread. His influence reverberated, not only in the regions through which he passed, but also through history. His military strategies were unparalled, and his thoroughly openhearted approach to the regions that he conquered leaves much to look up to. The following is in in-depth look into the legend that a self-described descendent of the gods left behind. Alexander, born in 356 b.c.e, was brought up with the expressed purpose of being a future…show more content…
Through the reign of Phillip, the greek polis, or city-state, had been the centralized idea of government. The Greek polis put a great emphasis on individual city-states. The polis, at the center, was focused on the family and that families overall contribution to the city-state. The polis was much like each different city being a different country, each with its own customs and traditions, and each with its own way of ruling. All polis had a common theme of slavery. Slavery was viewed as a necessity for the accomplishments of the unpleasant tasks that needed to be done to make life go on. The family unit, while being a major focus in the polis, was also separated much of the time. Women were to be inside, taking care of all domestic matters and the teaching of slaves, while the men stayed out of the home. Men would work with each other, get in shape together, and congregate only with each other. This eventually lead men to the belief that women were somehow morally corrupt, and lead to the practice of bi-sexuality. Men saw these relationships as wholesome, and were the epitome of love. They believed it helped two men achieve perfection of body, mind and

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