Alexander the Great Dbq Essay

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Alexander The Not-So-Great Alexander The Great, you've mostly likely heard the name before, everyone has, but do you who he was was? Do you know what he did to achieve such a title and to be so well known even 2,300 years after his death? Do you really know who Alexander 'The Great' was? Alexander was born in 356 BCE in Macedonia. In his childhood he was educated by the great philosopher Aristotle. When he was 20, his father, King Philip of Macedonia, was assassinated and Alexander took control of the entire kingdom and the massive army that his father created. He soon swept across most of the ancient world taking control of city after city, conquering more land than anyone before him, thus earning himself the title, 'The Great'. Not many people have earned such an outstanding title, and the question is; was Alexander even deserving of the title? I don't believe that Alexander was as "Great" as the world has labeled him to be. Alexander was a self-centered, power hungry man who caused the deaths of a countless number of innocent people. All you have to do is look at a map of ancient Macedonia to see how self-centered Alexander was. It would simply be a scatter plot of dots all with the same name, Alexandria (Document A). Almost every city that he founded he named after himself. Because of the privileged education that Alexander received, he considered himself better than everyone else, and almost god-like. In one story he even killed a man for wearing his hat band. While on a boat trip, a strong gust of wind knocked his hat into the water. He was able to easily retrieve it, but the band of the hat was swept off onto a nearby bank. A man on the boat swan to fetch it for his commander. To keep the band from getting wet while swimming the man put in his own head. It is told that Alexander rewarded the man for his efforts with money, but then cut off his head for

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