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Alexander the Great Biography Alexander the Great was born in July 356 BC in Pella, Macedon. Alexander’s father, Philip of Macedon, had seven wives. One of them was Olympias, who was Alexander’s mother. She insisted that Alexander was the son of Zeus. With Alexander the Great’s birth into royalty, he was bound to take a leadership role in the near future (Alexander the Great Alexander of Macedon Biography). When Alexander was an adolescent, he had many unique experiences that would later set him apart from the rest of the people in his time. Alexander the Great had an excellent education when he was young. The famed Aristotle was Alexander’s tutor. He was taught in religion, logic, art, medicine, and philosophy. When Alex was 14 years old, he acquired a horse named Bucephalus. Bucephalus would become a great companion of Alex’s throughout many battles. When Alexander was young he had a relationship with a woman named Pancaste. Pancaste was one of the first women who Alex was intimate with. During Alexander’s adolescent stage, his personality and physical appearance began to develop. Alexander had a great display of leadership and charisma. He also had an explosive temper. His physical stature was very unique. He was short, stocky, and tough. He was generally clean-shaven, unlike fellow Macedonians of his time. Alexander also suffered from a few birth defects including epilepsy and congenital scoliosis with his spine and neck. Alexander had many interests, including drama, musical instruments, and poetry. He also was an avid reader with a great desire for knowledge. Due to Alexander maturing, his objectives in life would be clearly planned (Alexander the Great). When Alexander was an adult, he had a family of his own. He had three wives and two sons. Alexander’s children were named Alexander IV of Macedon of Roxana and Heracles of Macedon from Barsine.

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