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A lot of people had already heard about Alexander the Great, but many of them did not know exactly who he was and what he did. Alexander III of Macedon was born in Pella, the capital of kingdom of Macedon, in 356 BC. He was a Greek king and the most celebrated member of the Argead Dynasty wich is one of the largest empires in ancient history. Son of Philip II and Olympias, Alexander pretend to be the son of Zeus according to legends. He will use those legends and the fact that he was born the same night that the temple of Artemis in Ephesus burnt down, because Artemis was attending his birth, to reinforce his political path. After being educated by Leonidas, Alexander receives the philosopher Aristotle as a tutor. At the age of sixteen years old, Aristotle came to an end. Philip, the king, left alexander in charge of the kingdom while he was gone fighting in the war against Byzantium. During Philip’s absence, Alexander had to respond quickly to the revolt of Thracian Maedi against Macedonian rule; so he founded a city named Alexandropolis by crushing the Maedi rebellion, driving them from their territory and colonising it with Greek. After that, Alexander accomplished others things that made him more and more worthy to power. Then, in 336 BC, the captain of his bodyguard, Pausanias, assassinated Philip, stabbed in the heart. Subsequently, the Macedonian army proclaimed Alexander king. He was 20 years old at this time. «Now Alexander was born the their to the throne of one of the Grecian Kingdoms. He possessed, in a very remarkable degree, the energy, and enterprise, and military skill so characteristic of the Greeks and Romans.» (Abbott, 1906, p.18) The beginning of his reign started with a couple of murders. Alexander made himself sure that all his potential rivals to the throne would represent no more danger. After that, one thing that the Great

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