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Alexander The Great Of Macedonia A great leader. What does it take to be what so many have thrived, aspired and died to become. Honour? Intelligence? Genius? Stupidity? Some think a great leader is a person who does what the people want. Others think a great leader should be someone who has control of all aspects of what he or she is leading. A friend once told me that a great leader should be "someone who understands their abilities and knows what to do and has the knowledge to do it. A person who befriends the people and earns their trust. As he said, having "friends" in high places helps also." I agree with him, I also think a great leader is someone who is able to take their leadership and do things no one before them has been able to do. Oscar Levant once said “There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” I think that is exactly what Alexander the great did. He surpassed all expectations that were set before him and exceeded all his predecessors’ accomplishments. He did all he did whilst still a young man under the age of 35. Alexander the Great was the first king to receive the title as “The Great” In this essay I will look at Alexander’s life, his accomplishments, his victories, and everything in-between, for in my opinion, Alexander the Great was the greatest leader of ancient times. A man deserving of his title as, “The Great.” Alexander III of Macedonia, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, was born July 20th 356 B.C.E., in the capital of Macedonia, Pella. Son of Phillip II, King of Macedonia and Olympias, Daughter of King Neoptolemus of Epirus. At a young age, Alexander showed potential. Strong and fearless Alexander was able to tame a beautiful and spirited horse which no one else dared to neither touch nor ride, it was called Bucephalus. Later in life, after a long journey to India, the horse died. Alexander

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