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Justine Bade History 101-005 Alexender the Great One of our greatest military leaders in history was Alexander the Great. He had masterful strategy and tactics on the battlefield. He also exhibited a great dynamic leadership. He was extremely brave and politically cunning. His great achievements in both conquests and government caused him to become a legendary figure. Alexander the Great established a formidable empire. He had a desire to conquer the entire world. He had an impact on history that few individuals did. Alexander sparked the beginnings of the Hellenistic Age where the blending of Greek, Persians and other cultures began. Alexander was born in 356 B.C. in Macedonia. He was the son of Phillip II. Phillip was a great king in his own rights. He began the journey of building a vast empire in which Alexander would eventually expand upon in ways even his father hadn’t dreamed of. King Phillip had opened the doors for Alexander to become a great man but was not the cause of Alexander doing so. Phillip saw great promise in his son’s military abilities and entrusted him to help him in his battles. Alexander had wanted to prove his valor to his father in the battle against Athens. He and his group of men were the first to break through the enemies lines. His father, though proud of this feat, did not want his son to have the glory of this victory and at the head of his group of men “fought with no less boldness and fury, that the glory might not be attributed to his son.” (Library of History, Book XVI, Chap. 14) SOURCE: Internet Ancient History Sourcebook King Phillip had left on an expedition against Byzantine and had left Alexander as his acting lieutenant in Macedonia while he was away. Alexander

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