Alexander the Great Essay

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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was not always known by this title. He earned his title after remarkable demonstrations of his military genius, political shrewdness, and cultural visions. Many thought his family to be descendents of Hercules. Alexander often thought him as his personal hero. During his youth, Alexander had tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus which he loved very dearly. Later when his horse died Alexander named a city in India after his name. His achievements in government and conquests transformed him into a legendary figure and worldwide influence in subsequent ages. He unified most of the ancient civilized world, creating a mighty empire. The vision and determination in making this possible was in him for most of his life and the drive to complete this mission could be traced all the way from the beginning of his conquests. Alexander was born in 356 B.C. to King Philip II and Olympia’s both of whom hated each other. King Philip proved to be a capable and strong ruler during his reign especially in military; within a few decades, he conquered most of Greece. King Philip had numerous wives and children all whom Olympia’s disliked. Whenever one of these wives gave birth to a mentally disabled child, rumors would spread to him that would suggest Olympia had brought on these ailments in these babies with some kind of poison. Olympia’s was a very convincing and deceitful woman. She told Alexander that Philip was not his real father; although this was not true Philip certainly believed Alexander was his son. He made sure that Alexander was well educated and well trained in the art of war and politics. Alexander was educated under the guidance of the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle was a great teacher and a mentor to Alexander in the field of politics. Even though they had a lot of disagreements between each other

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