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Early Western Civilization Alexander the Great From the time that Alexander was born he was always treated as the favorite to be the heir to the throne. Even though his father the king, Phillip II, had more sons with other women Alexander was still treated as his father’s favorite to take the throne. He received the highest education, even learning from Aristotle himself, because his father was not able to receive that same education. He also was given practice at getting to be king by getting to govern Macedon during his father’s absence. Alexander dreamed of living up to or even surpassing his heroes Hercules and Achilles. After his father, Phillip II, was killed and he got the throne he was eager to start his expedition. Despite the advice from the older men of Macedon to stay there, and build up his home base before starting his journey, Alexander decided to travel to Greece. The result of him going there so quickly after his father’s funeral made his enemies cautious of an attack. He showed them that he was a king ready to take action, and wasn’t a kingdom to mess with. Alexander was eager to take revenge on those who had previously embarrassed his father. He then began his first real expedition to a northern country name Danube, because they had previously embarrassed his father. During this expedition Alexander successfully defeater their army while gaining friendship with a group of Gaul’s. This first campaign was especially important for Macedon because it secured the northern border of the kingdom for the first time in a long time. Instead of going back to Macedon after securing the northern territory, Alexander then set his sights on his father’s previous enemy, King Cleitus. The reason that he is so rambunctious about expanding his reign, is that he could have been trying to exceed his heroes’ previous legendary lives. During this second phase

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