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Why Alexander was great Alexander’s greatness started before he was born. They said on his father’s side he was a “descendent of Heracles by Caranus and Aeacus by Neoptolemus [Plutarch 2]”. Alexander had some foreshadowed great power no one would ever question. Before Alexander was born Alexander’s father Phillip, and his mother Olympias had a symbolic dream. Olympias had a dream that a “thunderbolt fell on her belly, and kindled a great fire” which I took it as a symbol of power. Phillip had a dream about affixing a sealed ring to his wife’s belly and that the ring had a lion carved into it. A lion is the considered the king of the jungle in the animal kingdom. This goes back to my symbol of power theory. A lion being the king is powerful, in charge, and unstoppable. Alexander eventually became the king of Macedonia I see this as a foreshadowing event. Alexander was born on the day that the temple of Ephesian Artemis was burned down. That might be mistaken for a symbol that Alexander’s birth was on of a day of disaster. In actuality “Artemis was occupied with Alexander’s delivery.”[Plutarch 2[3]]. So it would have been impossible for Artemis to prevent the fire from happening. In that same day three victories occurred, Parmenio’s defeat of the Illyrians, victory of Phillip’s racehorse at the Olympic Games, and the birth of Alexander. The prophets declared that Alexander will be unconquerable because he was born on the day of a triple victory. Even when he was a boy, it stated that he developed self-control, and was unmoved by the pleasures of the body [Plutarch 2[4]]. He would not be swayed by the absence of sexual desire. This was a good trait to have as in battle you need to stay calm and be in control. He needed to stay focused without distractions. Alexander developing this trait at such an early age proved to be key part of winning many battles. Alexander

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