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Alexander the Great “There is nothing impossible to him who will try” – King Alexander III Historical Investigation Task Born to a king, son to a bewitched mother, shaped and crafted by only the elite. Alexandros III Phillippou of Makedonon grew to become the worlds greatest King and conqueror, illuminating the notorious path of conquest he established across Persia & Asia. A king to millions, an enemy to the masses, the life of Alexander birthed great nations while destroying others, it is this life and his legacy that has shaped history and continues to shape the future of the world. A character not only alive through text, but also within film, Oliver Stone recaptures the epics of Alexander’s life. Stone presents an accurate and explicit historical trail of Alexander’s: Character, Relationships, the events within his life, his impact upon the time and the perpetual legacy that still lives today. “ A mighty king will rise and govern a vast empire and do whatever he pleases.” – Daniel 11: 3 – 4 Prophesied to be a king and envisioned as a son of Zeus; the birth of Alexander in 365BC sparked a new era within the expanding nation of Macedonia. From the earliest stages of life, Alexander was crafted by the conflicting ideologies of both Olympus & Phillip. His mother shaping a “refined and noble man”, his father shaping a future king of “strength, courage & power”. Alexander was a reformist, his war tactics, marriages to barbarian women and physical appearance all challenged the contemporary values of the time. As a commander, Alexander led by example, showing empathy & gratitude to his soldiers through the implementation of higher wages & abolition of military taxes. ”There is not a part of my body without a broken bone nor scar, for I have shared every hardship

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