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Skyler Souza September 21, 2011 Tracking Alexander the Great Typed Descriptions Granicus- May 334 B.C. in Asia Minor, Alexander the Great defeated the Persian satraps, including a large force of Greek mercenaries. Gordium Knot Legend- 333 B.C. At the age of 23, Alexander the Great had arrived at the town of Gordium. He went to the Gordium knot and he cut right through the middle of the knot. It was said that whoever could undo the knot would be successful in conquering the East. Issus- November 333 B.C. in Southern Anatolia, Alexander and his troops defeated the Acheamenid Persia led by Darius III. Siege of Tyre- 332 B.C. in the town of Tyre, the Macedonian army couldn’t capture the city because of the walls that were up the sea and on an island. So Alexander ordered his engineers to build a causeway so they could reach the city of Tyre. Alexander was furious because of the defense of the tyrinians and loss of his people that he destroyed half the city. Gaugamela- in 331 B.C. east of Mosul, It was the end for the Acheamenid Empire as the Macedonians won another battle. Death of Darius- The Persians decided to capture their king and take him to Alexander because they thought that this would save their own lives. Instead of bringing Darius III to Alexander, They decided to kill him on their own. This made Bessus, a relative of Darius, king under the name Artaxerxes V. Battle of Hydaspes River- in 326 B.C. a battle was fought between Alexander the Great and King Porus of the Hindu Paurava on the banks of the Hydaspes River. The War led to a complete victory to the Macedonian which also led to the fall of the Persian Empire and to the rise of the Alexandrian Empire. March Back from India- Alexander wanted to fight in 1 more battle but most his men wanted to go home because they had been out fighting for 10 years. On the way to their last fight most of the

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