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Mercer, Charles. Alexander the Great. New York: American Heritage Publishing Co., 1962. Alexander the Great was a well-known individual during his time period. He was a son, a conqueror, a general, and also a king. He was a successful ruler and had the largest empire in history. In addition to being a successful ruler, he was also a military genius. Along with all of these accomplishments, he was the first world ruler to come from Europe. Up until his death, Alexander was a strong ruler that led his empire to many victories. Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. His parents were King Philip of Macedonia and Queen Olympia, who was the daughter of King Epirus. During his early teenage years, Alexander was educated by Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle acted as an inspiration to Alexander, causing him to show interest in medicine, philosophy, and other fields of science. Also during his teenage years, he spent a great deal of his time watching his father create a powerful military. By age 16, Alexander was a warrior, and shortly after he became a commander. As a warrior, he led several attacks on rival tribes. As a commander, he commanded the left wing at the Battle of Chaeronea, in which King Philip and his army ended up defeating Greek allied city-states. Alexander was very close with his mother, due to the fact that his father hardly was around. With his father constantly out at battle, his mother had the most influence on his life and decisions he made while growing up. His mother had him convinced that his ancestors were gods. Alexander’s had constant arguments and did not get along, which caused the two to divorce. As a result of the divorce and other psychological issues Alexander was dealing with, he began drinking, which would eventually become a serious problem for him. Shortly after the divorce, his father married Cleopatra. Alexander and

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