Alexander Technique Essay

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Alexander Technique An analysis of the Alexander Technique reveals that it is a way of learning how to rid oneself of the harmful tension in the body, but further explanation shows that the technique can change the way one moves their body of a day to day basis. In fact, people tend to hold a lot of tension in their neck, shoulders, and back, which can prove to be detrimental to their health and physical performance in the long run. The Alexander Technique is often used in dance classes, as well as physical therapy, to help people release the unhealthy amounts of tension they hold. The Alexander Technique was developed in the late nineteenth century in Australia by F. Matthias Alexander. F.M Alexander was a young Shakespearean actor who suffered from chronic hoarseness when practicing and performing, and would sometimes lose his voice entirely. He would take medical treatments and do vocal studies, but neither provided him with more than temporary relief. After months of seeking solutions that provided him with nothing more than temporary help, he decided to try to solve the problem for himself. For months, Alexander when through several months of serious self observation in a three-way mirror. After the long, excessive months of self observation, he discovered that his hoarseness and voice loss was the result of vocal misuse, but that wasn’t the only issue. He found that it was one aspect of the misuse of his entire body. He found the flaw in the use of his body when he looked into his mirror, but he couldn’t feel the flaw. What exactly did he find from his self observation? What caused his vocal problems? Alexander discovered that he held copious amounts of tension throughout his entire body, but held a great deal in his neck and spine. His hoarseness was the result of holding excess tension in his neck. The tension in the muscles in his neck caused a chain
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