Alexander Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson

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Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson On January 11, 1757 one of the most important men in US history was born. His name was Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton had a rough childhood. By the time he was 11 his father had left him and his mother had passed away leaving him with no parents to love and care for him. In 1772 he moved from his home in the West Indies to Elizabethtown, New Jersey to receive an education at a grammar school. He attended college at King’s College (now Columbia University) in New York City, New York. While at King’s College he began to write and publish his own articles. Before Hamilton became a famous politician he served a couple years in a New York volunteer militia called the Hearts of Oak. After studying US history and tactics, he finally achieved the rank of lieutenant. He led a very successful raid for a British cannon. The result of capturing the cannon made the Hearts of Oak an artillery company. After serving as lieutenant of the Hearts of Oak, Hamilton served four years as President George Washington’s Chief of Staff. In July of 1782 Hamilton was elected to the Congress of the Confederation to be New York’s representative for the 1782 term which began in November. Hamilton was later elected to be the very first United States Secretary of the Treasury. Alexander Hamilton had many political views. One of which was that he believed in a strong central government. Hamilton issued a brand new proposal, to pay off all of the Confederation debts at full value. To raise money to pay off the debts Hamilton would issue new security bonds. Hamilton also hoped to tie very wealthy investors to the United States’ welfare. Another idea of his was to move the nation’s capitol from New York City to a new location further south called the “District of Colombia”. On July 12, 1804 Alexander Hamilton passed away at the age of 49.

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