Alexander Hamilton Essay

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“When America ceases to remember his greatness, America will no longer be great.” This was said by Calvin Coolidge Americas 30th president speaking about Alexander Hamilton. And that is exactly what Hamilton was. Hamilton was a great man with great ideas. He worked from poverty to riches symbolizing the American Dream. He was one of the founding fathers and helped create the greatest republic throughout history. AMERICA. As his story is so inspiring coming from no where and building his way up to the top he creates and teaches a commending belief that if you work hard enough and have a final goal you can get to where you want to be. Hamilton wanted a free and well ruled country called America. And that is exactly what he intended to get. I believe Hamilton’s ideas in 1791 were the best for America with only a few additions from Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton wanted Manufacturing and Industries to run America. I also agree with this. A positive factor with this is that everyone is given the opportunity of a job. Men, women, and children could all work. If it was farming although you could probably find a job for most people there were many things people couldn’t do. For instance, children and women might not be able to lift larger objects while men were left doing a lot of the harder work. Another positive thing was that much more things could be produced. Industries create technology and make things much faster. One last thing that makes industry better is that the more you make the farther you’ll get. If you live on a farm and plant seeds everyday you’ll be able to plant seeds faster as time goes on. But you are still only planting seeds. As you create more things more technology comes out and more things are thought of and this is progress. One positive factor farming has is that it is much more natural. There is less to no pollution in the air and it is cleaner.

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