Alexander Cartwright: The Invention Of Baseball

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Alexander Cartwright is remembered as the man that wrote the rules and designed the field for baseball. He invented the baseball field throughout his life and received much attention from it...negatively and positively. Teams would play with local rules playing on informal teams before Cartwright started these rules and field. By the 1860's, baseball, grew in popularity and was being described as America's "National Pastime." Alexander Cartwright, born in New York in 1820, invented the baseball field in 1845. He was a part of the Knickerbockers Baseball Club, the club in New York that helped him achieves his goals of creating the first set of rules and regulations for the modern game of baseball. He based the game of Baseball on an old English game called “Rounders.” Rounders was a 16th Century bat and ball game that dates back to the Dawn of Time, meaning there is no way to know when it was invented. This is still played in Ireland, and children love it. This game became popular in the United States being called “Townball”, “Base“, or…show more content…
Baseball is played on a square field with four bases. There are two teams competing to see who can make the most runs around all four bases. One member from the defensive team pitcher pitches a baseball from the center of the field or the pitchers mound to a player from the offensive team or the hitter and he must hit the ball with a baseball bat. Once the ball is hit he must run past as many bases as he can with getting touched with the ball. It sounds simple enough but there’s a lot more to it, like if the ball is caught before touching the ground the hitter is out or if the base in front of the hitter is tagged with the ball and the bade they left from has been tagged with the ball then they’re out also. The offensive team gets 3 out before changing between offence and defense and if a hitter misses the ball 3 time he’s

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