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Alexander the Great was short, bisexual and a heavy drinker. He was also something of a dandy* and, in his final years, he enjoyed dressing up as a god for dinner parties. He also had a taste for foreign women, marrying two Persians and one Afghan. Were he alive today, middle Americans would not be celebrating his ‘life choices’. In fact, he might well be a whipping boy* on conservative talk radio. He was also more bellicose* than Donald Rumsfeld and succeeded in subduing a swath* of countries now well known to Americans for their al-Qaeda terrorists and oil supplies. Starting from Macedonia, he moved through Greece and Turkey, then conquered present-day Afghanistan, Syria Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. By the time he died in Babylon, aged 32, he had created an empire stretching from the Balkans to the Himalayan foothills. It is a tale that can only be told on an epic scale, and not one that Hollywood studios were eager to gamble money on until Gladiator took $458 million at the box office,and made swords and sandals hot* again.Now there are two biopics* of Alexander in the works. Originally, they should both have come out this year, pitching Oliver Stone and Colin Farrell against Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio. But Luhrmann backed out of the confrontation, partly so he couldadd to the script, giving more attention to Alexander’s mother (Nicole Kidman will play Olympia in Luhrmann’s film; Angelina Jolie will play the character in Stone’s). from The success of Gladiator has led to a rash* of epics, with Oliver Stone and Baz Luhrmann tackling Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra and Hannibal movies in* the pipeline. Get ready for more leading men in skirts. Grace Bradberry writing for The Observer tells us why. Now Stone will have Morocco to himself when he begins shooting. He has written the script, with Oxford academic Robin Lane Fox as a consultant.

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