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Question1 Good afternoon.Today I am going to have a presentation about the design of a blog on the internet for a famous or influential person. First of all, the topic of the blog is “Chase excellence, Be the best of the best”. The blog aims at raising students' awareness of the importance of studying and chasing excellence in their academic performances. The person I chose for the blog is Alexander the Great.Let me give a brief introduction about him.Alexander the Great , a terrifying name to the Macedonian, is borned a prince in 356BC. He is a natural military commander to the eyes of many people because he got parrticularly the ability to inspire fierce loyalty among his troops. Alexander, well known as Alexander the Great.At his early age, He showed his military genius while successfully taming a horse during a military training. His father,PhilipII Macedonia,had a high expectation on his son. He believed that one day his son would take charge of the whole empire.Alexander made a lot of effort to live up to his father's expectation and never let his father down.After his father's death, he made the first attempt to invade Persian Empire. Meanwhile, he met his sworn enermy,the King Darius. At long last, Alexander killed Darius in one of his battles. His ambition didn't die down though. He determined to rule the world. Gaining insight and knowing they would fight restlessly until forever, Alexander's army became rebellious.All the soilders realised it is impossible for them to reach the end of the world but Alexander didn't. They pleaded to leave. Alexander struggled to make the decision about whether he should let go of them or continue his endless journey. He finally gave in, for the first time. Not long after his return, he fell sick of a severe fever which declared his death in 325BC, ending his 33-year-old life. I would include an

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