Alex Huxley's Brave New World

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Dayanara Perez Professor Liska Literature April 20, 2012 Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World portrays a utopian society. The society shown in the book seems to be perfect. It show carefree living in which everyone is happy. This perfect world seems to be extraordinarily similar to the world we live in, except we do not live in a world that is anywhere near perfect. Our society and the society in Brave New World have similarities including the use of drugs, death, and manipulation. In Brave New World, legal drug use equals escapism from a horrifying reality, not unlike illegal drug use in the United States today. In Huxley’s Brave New World the use of drugs is not illegal. The government in fact offers the drugs used in the society to anyone in need of them. The drug given is called soma. Soma blocks and numbs reality and replaces it with happy hallucinations. It also blocks people’s ability to see the life they actually live, which is a form of manipulation because citizens are manipulated to take soma, which helps them live a happy and perfect lifestyle. The government also influences/encourages the citizens to take soma tablets but the amount is regulated. Since soma is taken every day the amount given is regulated so there is no such thing as overdose. Everyone in the world state is given a daily ration of soma usually after a certain amount of hours spent at work. Soma plays a big part in the society because it keeps everyone stable. Just as in the world state, drugs play a big part in today’s society, in the United States, for some people at least. For those people, drugs may be available just the way soma is to the citizens of the world state. It is not mandatory to take drugs in our society, but many people still choose to take them. Just like the world state citizens, people in our society are also manipulated to use and do drugs. Weight loss
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