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Turner Alexandra Turner Dr. Huston English 1301 September 28, 2014 What Television Can Do to Children It is so common for adults to let their children watch television for long periods of time, and not let them do outside activities. Watching a lot of television could lead to child obesity, risky behaviors and violence. There are some decent shows for children that actually try to help them learn. Parents should limit the amount of television that children watch to roughly 30 minutes to an hour. Health and well being should be a main priority in raising children, because they are the future. The younger generation now days, are more advanced due to all the technology that has branched out. Obesity rates have gone up due to the lack of exercise children get. Parents are so tied up with things such as; cooking, cleaning, wanting quality time with themselves or their spouses, that the easiest thing to do would be to put on a movie that would grasp the children’s attention. The first few years of life for toddlers is a very critical period. The brain is developing and learning all sorts of new things, and TV could get in the way of toddlers development. It is important for toddlers, at a young age to be exploring, playing, and interacting with their peers. Their cognitive skills allow them to stay focused for long periods of time. Bad shows and movies could corrupt the mind, and the toddlers would start saying, and doing the things they see on TV. Life can be so hectic at times. Some parents are dealing with school for themselves and their children, working full time, and also doing other activities. The easiest thing for parents to do when they need time to themselves would be to turn on the TV, and let them get lost into the world of television. However, if parents were to do that, then younger children would not reach the milestones of their development,

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