Alex at the Fairground Essay

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Alex at the funfair Alex had not visited the funfair since he was 5. He could vaguely remember the fond memories of the spinning teacups and the bunny rabbit train ride. His mother struggling to Squeeze and shove through the crowd and then wait in seemingly endless queues for 20 seconds having to listen to the roar of the surrounding rabble and the throbbing noise of the rides, but it was all worth it just to see her little one’s smile. Now it was different Alex was 12 and did not want his Mother with him ‘trying to cramp his style ‘no he was out to have a good time with his ‘mates’ from school. They were going to try and be as mischievous as possible jostling in-between the public and screaming as loud as possible to look cool in front of Mandy Turner. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. When he was with her it was as if he was weak at the knees and when he saw her gaping smile and heard her laughter it was like a gentle melody to his ears while his heart punching against his ribs as if trying to get out and he would behave like a childish toddler for she was his crush. Now he was ashamed to be seen with his mother or to travel on a ride for ‘children’ and he certainly couldn’t now as he had just made fun of a fellow classmate for trying to hook a duck. He felt no longer a child but a young adult and he was determined to set off on the most tremendous, impressive heavy–weight ride there was. First off was the slippery Helter Skelter flying around the curves quicker than any of his friends. Then it was Sky Leap a Gigantic slide with an 18 foot drop. Seeing all of the other teenagers hesitating before jumping off, a poxy slide wasn’t going to stop him impressing Mandy now he did not even ponder the smaller slide but leapt off the top feeling like a Daredevil numb to the feeling of a swarm of butterflies in his stomach. After successfully

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