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Ding Gao Ms. Marcolini BAT 4M November 22, 2013 Stock Market Challenge The Nipissing University stock market simulation challenge is a good overall stock market simulation. The objective of the stock market challenge is to use the $500000 given and to invest to gain as much return as possible. My personal experience of participating in the stock market challenge is that the stock market game is very confusing and difficult. I found myself stressing over what to invest in during the start of the challenge. The stock market game goes by very fast and one day, stocks can be doing very well and the next day they suffer a major loss. Since I did not know what to invest in, I bought stocks reflecting on what interested me. Based on my interests, I bought stocks from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Take-Two. I chose Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo because major games recently released for their respective consoles. Microsoft and Sony were also releasing their next-gen consoles later in the month so I bought stocks beforehand. I also invested in Take-Two because they are the creators of GTA V and NBA 2K14. During the month, I sold my Microsoft stocks in order to buy stocks for Chevron, Reuters, Build-A-Bear Workshop, AT&T, Hallmark, Twitter, and Gold. Most of these stocks were bought because they were performing well in the market. Some of the stocks I bought were bought for the upcoming holiday season. As the month progressed, my assumptions were correct and I made a profit on most of my stocks. I made a loss with Twitter, Sony and Gold but it was only by about $500-$1000 for each of them. After completing the stock market challenge, this has been a very good simulation of what the stock market is like. It gives a hands-on approach to learning the stock game and there is no risk since everything is simulated so no real money is

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