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To the common mind, it is quite obvious that when referring to Players and spectators, Players play, and spectators watch. Although, that isn’t all there is to both groups of people. Spectators are for the most part, just as a part of the team, as an actual player on the roster. For viewers of any standing, fellow spectators can often make, break, sweeten or sour a sporting experience. What would a game, be without supportive, chaotic, enthusiastic fans? You see, Spectators are simply fans, their to watch and support the game they love, and the players they envy, or even despise. Now it’s obvious that compared to Athletes, viewers don’t get much action, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as involved. Most fans know the rules, the guidelines, and sometimes even the plays, just as the players need too. Not to mention, they go to the games and experience every second. Lets not forget about the most obvious point though, Both share the same passion and interest for the game they love. Though there are few similarities regarding Players and spectators, there are more recognizable differences. First of all, an obvious one is that the player is on the field whereas the spectator is off the field. The player is the one who is actually playing the game while the spectator is the one who is just watching, observing and commenting, surrounding the field or court. In sports, The player has a mission. Their goal is to play the required minutes, score points, and try to pull out a victory, while Spectators don’t have any affect based on if they win or lose. Not to mention the hardworking lifestyle of an athlete. One must be in tip top shape, gruesome workouts and conditioning, diets, consistent practicing regimens, while spectators do what? Buy a ticket, a large coke and small popcorn? As spectator you realistically don’t need to possess any knowledge or understanding of

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