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Dear Alex, Lately I notice that you haven’t been recycling. As your friend I would like to name a few reasons why recycling is important. 1). It eliminates air pollution 2). It does not take as much energy to manufacture items. 3). Items can be made or reproduced by recycled items. Additionally, it’s good for the environment. To tell you the truth millions of people recycle and so should you. Here are some items that you can recycle, bottles, aluminum cans, and paper. Ok, now do you feel better that you know how to recycle? You should also have a recycling bin. Put all of your recycling items in the recycling bin. To be on the safe side never put batteries in the recycling bin. Now, I will check back on you to see if you’re recycling or not. This information is coming from a person that recycles. You can also receive small amounts of cash but you should just recycle for the fun of it. Thanks for taking time to listen Alex. I hope you start recycling soon Your friend,

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